There’s hope!

We wanted to give everyone a glimmer of hope today. No matter how drear things look at the Mooreland House, things will get better. Right now we live in a restored circa 1904 house. When we bought the house it looked like the first pictures. After a bit of work, this is what the house looks like today when Kerry took these pictures. Be patient and we will make Miss Mooreland glamorous again!

Loose brick!

Ugh, now we have to start figuring out how we are going to do the major repair on that “little” crack running down the length of the stone fa├žade. We put it out there on another historic building site to see what kind of feedback we could get. We are probably going to replace these brick stacks with concrete block (some call them cinder blocks) filled with concrete and rebar. For now we repointed the mortar and are going to have to build a temporary wall in this area to hold up the floor joists.

Mystery solved!

We found out what happened to one of the paintings from the Mooreland House! One of our subscribers let us know. It was sold at auction in Nicholasville years ago. Here is what Susan Reed Jordan (great granddaughter) had to say about the painting. “I always laughed and told my grandmother that she should donate this painting to the Fort Knox mess hall..I thought the soldiers would appreciate the nude woman..She found NO humor in that…hahaahaa….this is the room where they always played bridge with their friends..I loved to sit and watch so they taught me to play bridge when I was 7 and they let me sub..”

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