Window experimentation

Frank spent the day trying to work out the process to restore the windows in the Mooreland House. We finally found the right profile to match the windows. A bunch of the windows were redone at some point but they were made out of regular pine and they don’t match the original profile. Those “replacement” windows all rotted out pretty quickly and almost all need replaced again. We are going to use poplar.

2 thoughts on “Window experimentation

  1. carhartt986 December 3, 2020 / 21:04

    The pictures show some beautiful wood. It’s a shame they used a cheaper grade that rotted so quickly in the past.

    Have you counted the number of windows in Miss Mooreland? Do we all need to invest in Windex? I love cleaning windows and how gorgeous they look when they sparkle.

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    • moorelandhouse December 4, 2020 / 06:26

      We were wondering the same thing about how many windows while writing the post last evening. It looks like they only replaced the sashes that were in the worst shape. Some windows have one replacement sash and the other is original. Some of the big windows are over 5 feet across and more than 8 feet tall. The window counter weights in the wall must be huge.


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