4 thoughts on “More controlled destruction!

  1. J. Staft December 20, 2020 / 10:23

    Bertha is proving to be invaluable! With the crazy weather we are having, you might be able to do more outside work than in winters a few years back. It seems like we haven’t been getting the typical cold and snow spells of the past. Of course it’s early yet. Maybe it will turn the other way. I hope not for your sake. I would think it would be great to take a break from plaster removal! Do you know what type of mortar you will be using for the restoration?

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    • moorelandhouse December 20, 2020 / 10:29

      We plan on using lime mortar. They don’t sell it anywhere around here but it is called Natural Hydraulic Lime. It sets faster than normal lime mortar and is a little hardier. NHL 3.5 is what we plan to use.


  2. carhartt986 December 20, 2020 / 10:52

    Frank’s ‘high/stoned’ comment made me laugh out loud! Geez Frank, Kerry can’t take you anywhere! 🤣

    I was going to ask what the D stood for when I saw the marking on the stone earlier in the video. Mystery solved!

    Question: were those stones you removed not mortared together? Other than the last one it just seemed they were easy for Frank to lift each one on to Bertha.

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    • moorelandhouse December 20, 2020 / 15:01

      That is the inherent problem with lime mortar that was used in 1891. When it gets wet for an extended period of time the crushed limestone (which is the equivalent of cement back then) dissolves and all you are left with is sand.


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