Patch work!

We finally got a small weather window above 50 degrees! We jumped on the opportunity to patch the rubber roofing over the south portico. You know the hole has been in the roof a long time when it has grass growing in it. Our patch job isn’t perfect but it should keep most of the rain out of the porch below this walk out area.

4 thoughts on “Patch work!

  1. J. Staft December 24, 2020 / 06:21

    I was wondering if you would be able to get to that project before winter set in. As I recall, you were going to start on the rubber roof a while back but had to abandon it for more pressing problems. I’m glad the weather cooperated.

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    • moorelandhouse December 24, 2020 / 07:08

      Ha! We are sure there are still more pressing problems but… it seemed like a manageable project for the day. It was very windy!


  2. Carrie Myers December 24, 2020 / 20:38

    Little patches pay off in BIG rewards!

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    • moorelandhouse December 24, 2020 / 21:16

      We hope it pays off by smaller puddles in the south portico. =)


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