Copper roof dream… dashed!

Frank is a little bummed. After dreaming of a possible copper roof for the wonderful Mooreland House, it is an impossibility.
Turns out… you can’t use copper or lead roofing materials when there is galvanized metal below it on the roof. All of the box gutters and the crown molding surrounding the Mooreland House is galvanized metal. If water runs over the copper then runs down to the box gutters it will rust them out. Who knew? We are glad we figured it out before we did that. Amazing what you can learn on the internets!

EPDM day!

The weather was actually warm enough today to patch some of the EPDM roofing above the front portico. This is the walkout area and was covered with EPDM type roofing about 15 years ago. Falling slate tiles and the sun has left holes that had to be patched. It had to be above 40 degrees and it finally warmed up today. This should be a fix that will last until we get around to replacing the roofing material.

It begins!

We figured out a way to keep warm! If you keep busy, you keep warm. We have started the removal of the lath and plaster. We plan on going back with plaster but we have to open everything up to see if there is any hidden damage from all the water and termites. This is going to take a long time and we will just do it when we have bad weather and can’t get outside.

Window experimentation

Frank spent the day trying to work out the process to restore the windows in the Mooreland House. We finally found the right profile to match the windows. A bunch of the windows were redone at some point but they were made out of regular pine and they don’t match the original profile. Those “replacement” windows all rotted out pretty quickly and almost all need replaced again. We are going to use poplar.

Rotary club meeting

We were lucky enough to be invited to speak at the meeting of the Harrodsburg Rotary Club today. It was nice to share our story and what our plans are for the Mooreland House. Most of the people of Harrodsburg refer to the Mooreland House as the “Castle” so we had to explain why we use that name. We also put up some wreaths on the entry gate pillars to make the house look more festive.

It’s cold!

We were unprepared for the cold weather. Below freezing weather is not cold for some but, we have become soft. =) We tried to work on the Mooreland House yesterday but had to run home with our tails between our legs. Today though, we brought help! A quick trip to Tractor Supply and now we have heat. It isn’t much but it is going to take the edge off enough that we will be able to actually get something done.