How NOT to roof!

This week’s video portrays Frank’s temporary fixes of quite a few leaks in the slate roof. This is not a tutorial because it is not the correct way to fix these holes. We needed to get a lot of holes fixed in a little amount of time and this was the most expedient. All of these areas need more attention anyway so it won’t be that much trouble to visit them again and fix them correctly!

Snow day!

We decided with the snow and cold we would spend the day researching and learning. The “feels like” temperature was 24 degrees and it just didn’t seem like much fun to get bundled up to work on the Mooreland House. Next week should be better and we will be back at it. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Dry floor!

We are thrilled to see that the area under where the scaffolding was in the attic is staying dry. It is always nice to get some rain after a fix to see if it actually worked. After collecting about 15 gallons for every inch of rain before, this dry floor is a welcome sight. Now to work on the few remaining drips so we can be completely tubless!

Box gutters

We took a few pictures of the area we did the flashing repair on the other day. Sometimes we forget that there is no context in close up pictures of things we do. Any place you see shiny metal in the box gutter… that is where we needed to put metal flashing in to prevent water from cascading into the crown molding and running inside the brick walls.

Removing tin

Frank decided to take down an area of the crown molding under the box gutters. This area had the huge piece of metal flapping in the wind. If he hadn’t taken it down, it would have eventually fallen down from the wind. Of course, the brick underneath will need to be stabilized and repointed and then the metal will be repainted and put back up.

Where’s the porch?

Our video on YouTube yesterday was about shoring up the roof over the kitchen porch. We were asked to provide pictures of where the kitchen porch was. Below you should find outside pictures of the porch, a drone shot with the area outlined in red, and a floorplan that denotes where the porch off the kitchen is. We hope this is something that helps to visualize where in the house this is.

Saving the Kitchen Porch

We are finally building what we hope is the last temporary wall. The covered porch outside the kitchen in the back of the Mooreland House was about to cave in. This is all part of the original house so we want to preserve it and make it like the original. If the roof were to fall in here, it would be difficult to get it all put back together. Supporting this area and stopping the water intrusion will go a long way to ensuring that it is still standing when we get back to fix it properly.

Found some more leaks!

We couldn’t figure out how we were still getting water on the front portico even with all the repairs we had done to the walk out roof above it. Frank decided to go up and clean the box gutters to see if they were leaking. Well, we found the leaks. The box gutters had been separated from the house and were letting water just run off the roof and right down into the brick walls. A little bit of flashing and some self tapping screws and we have solved the problem for now. It’s always fun working almost 20 foot up on a ladder.

Attic “before and after”

We could only find one “before” picture on the computer. Here is the “before” picture and a few finished pictures of the repairs to the underside of the roof in the attic. We think using the antique lumber and using roof decking from other areas that won’t be seen on the house was the right decision. If you don’t know where the repairs are, they are hard to spot.