Psychological win!

We had a good day today! For the first time since the end of May, there is no scaffolding set up in the attic. We know there will come a day when some will go back up but… for now we are scaffold free! Soon we will try to find some “before” pictures of this area and make a post about it. When we first bought the house this area was just about to fall in. So, we are feeling great today! Hope everyone else is having a wonderful start to 2021 as well! edit: (for some perspective, the scaffolding is 14 feet long and 15 feet high in this picture)

Topping the tower

This week’s video is when we made an attempt to stop the rain coming in the top of the tower. We were able to stop most of it but we will have to wait for warmer weather and after we solve more pressing issues before we are able to stop the rain forever. If you enjoy it… you can always share it with someone you might think will enjoy it as well.

Finishing the beam

We tried to put the finishing touches on the beam we had to replace in the attic this fall. It will be nice to finish this area up so we can take down the two sets of scaffolding we have here. We ran out of daylight. It sure did get dark quick up in the attic. A couple more hours on this and it will be completely done. Kerry is getting more comfortable working 15 feet up on the scaffolding.

First fix of the year!

Wow! It seems like we haven’t posted anything since last year. We did get something accomplished today though. It was finally warm enough and the rain stopped for a few hours. We were finally able to get back up on the roof and peel back the tarp enough to fix the big hole in the roof. This area was patched with a big piece of plywood and it was backing up the water just enough to cause a pretty big leak here. It was a great feeling to make some progress. It doesn’t look much different with the tarp back down but it is solid underneath again.