Brick work

A lot of things hinge on our next project. This is the bottom of the valley rafter that we replaced. The bricks have moved and we are not sure exactly what is happening. We are going to start taking this brick apart to see what we are dealing with. Once we get this area straightened out we can put all the slate back on this side of the house.

Is that snow?

We have a catch tub in the maid’s room that catches water. It is one of the last places that water comes in at any rate at all. The rest of the areas are pretty much drips. We were surprised though to find this tub filled with snow! We are not sure how the snow got in here but it sure did come down in a great amount. This is the area that is going to be addressed next we hope. We are shooting for “no snow” by next year.

Pillar is plumb!

We were trying to figure out what to do with the pillar that was collapsing in the storm porch. It was the first project we did at the Mooreland House to keep the storm porch from falling down the first day. While we were figuring out how to move the pillar post out of the way to pour a footer for it we found out that it already had one. The pedestal had just been knocked off. We were able to pull the pedestal back up on the footer and now we were able to take out the temporary supports we had. We had to shim the post up a little bit and still have to make it permanent but it looks a lot better and is safer without the temporary supports just kind of being there.

Hemlock trees

We have decided that we are going to take down 3 Hemlock trees that are right next to the Mooreland House. We have done some research and these trees are not special and they are dangerous to have next to houses when they get bigger. The way that they block one of the most elegant sides of the house is also a problem. In order to fix the storm porch on this side we would have to work under these trees. We think it will be easier to just remove them. It isn’t happening tomorrow so we still have time if anyone has a reason why they should stay. We do think it will make this curved side of the house a lot more visible and it will be worth it.

Thank you!

Last week was a great week. We had such an outpouring of blessings from everyone that was praying for Kerry to get better. We were also blessed with a very positive segment on the news that made us look terrific. You all were fabulous for sharing our passion with others and our YouTube channel grew by almost 300 people. We are excited about the promise of warmer weather and can’t wait to share our rebuilding of the Mooreland House with you. Next year we should be focused on the inside with some kind of heating capacity so the work won’t slow down as much. Thanks for your patience and sticking with us. Bring on the Spring!

Patching the Porticos

Before the snow hit we were able to get some patches done in the rubber roofing above the porticos. We didn’t realize that these areas were allowing a lot of water to get behind the stonework. The south portico was the worst. We didn’t patch every hole in it but we made a dent in the amount of water that was pouring into the area underneath. Doing this patch job will give us a few months to concentrate on more pressing things before we get to replacing this roofing.

Quicklime has arrived!

We can’t do anything with it yet but we are excited that we finally got our quicklime. We had to go to Louisville and pick it up. It is 2,000 pounds of quicklime pebbles. It looks like white gravel. We will be doing a video on what it is and how we plan on using it to repair all the brick and stone of the Mooreland House. Finding a supplier of quicklime wasn’t easy. It just isn’t something that is used for building anymore. If you are curious about it you can do a YouTube search for “hot lime mortar” and see what our plans are. Anyway… it is great to be done with quarantine and warmer weather is just around the corner. Happy Friday!