YouTube live

This might be a disaster but… we are going to attempt to do a YouTube live video while we are watching our segment on the Fox56 News tonight. If you go to our YouTube channel you should be able to see the video pop up.

We will be online live on YouTube at 10:00pm Eastern time. We have never done this before so we will see what happens. We will also have a live question and answer session while we are waiting for our segment.

TV debut!

Tonight is the night! Our segment is going to air on Fox56 out of Lexington, KY on the news tonight. The newscast starts at 10:00pm Eastern time and we are not sure when our 3 minute segment will air. Last Wednesday night we watched the channel and the “Spirit of the Bluegrass” segment didn’t come on until 10:35.

For those who aren’t local or want to stay up that late… we will link to the video sometime tomorrow. We hope that Marvin Bartlett was able to make us look good.


Since Kerry has the Covids and Frank is required to quarantine for a prescribed amount of time according to Kentucky… we haven’t been down to the Mooreland House for a few days. Frank actually tested negative for the virus so he is doing well and Kerry is on the mend after having some symptoms like a bad cold. One of our neighbors was kind enough to walk around the property and take some photos so we could check up on the ole gal. The Mooreland House looks rough but, that is how we left her. =) This is the Mooreland House under a quarter inch of ice viewed by one of our neighbors.

Convenient timing

How convenient… Kerry suddenly comes down with the Covids right when the coldest weather of the winter is coming. She was a little achy this weekend and had a low grade fever. She decided that she might should go get tested for the Covids and sure enough… she has it. The CDC says that family members should get tested 5 days after exposure to someone that has tested positive so Frank will go get his test on Thursday.

Improved view

We had another beautiful day at the Mooreland House. It was windy but the sun was shining and it was 40 degrees. Kerry got tired of seeing the vines that covered the final Osage Orange tree at the front of the house. It was below freezing in the house so we decided to work outside. This is a transformation that is very visible.

Vitamin D

What a beautiful day in central Kentucky! It was 40 degrees, no wind and the sun was shining brightly! We had to get outside and clean up some brush and trees at the back property line of the Mooreland House. We took before and after pictures but… you can’t really tell we did anything. We felt pretty good about it though. We have never seen so many vines in our lives.

Mortar lesson

Not sure if everyone wants to learn along with us but… it is our blog. =) What we have learned is that whenever cement is used in a mortar mix, it makes it impossible to carry water away from the stone. If cement mortar is used over lime mortar (which was used exclusively when the Mooreland House was built) it traps the water and the lime dissolves out of the mortar leaving only sand that washes away. The old school techniques have come back into vogue and it is just at the right time. We are going to be able to use all the “new found” old techniques and make Mooreland House Great Again!