No more danger!

The small part of the roof that was flat on the storm porch is no longer a hazard. It didn’t take much effort to knock it down to the ground. We made sure we had Bertha positioned to catch the porch just in case. The majority of the storm porch is in decent shape and it is salvageable. Now that this part of the roof is gone we can move on to other things. It can’t fall on anyone anymore.

6 thoughts on “No more danger!

  1. Georgette Richie March 5, 2021 / 18:42

    I am so envious. I wish there could be there and work as your slave. 

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    • moorelandhouse March 5, 2021 / 18:45

      We thoroughly enjoy it. Warmer weather is helping it be more fun. =)


  2. Myrgle Huffman March 5, 2021 / 19:17

    Good job! Glad we are having nicer weather this week so you can make progress.

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  3. Carrie Myers March 5, 2021 / 21:31

    Things are looking better! Thanks for all your hard work on the grand old lady!

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