New beam

We had to put in a beam to support the north end of the small flat roof. We will now fix the end of the rafters and we will put a post from the beam to the rafters. We have to find out how high this small flat roof was before it all sagged and pushed out the brick wall. We know this is a little confusing but… we are doing it in a logical sequence. We don’t have the blueprints to know the dimensions so we have to figure them out ourselves. We are going to put the wall cladding back up and you will never know there is modern lumber behind there.

2 thoughts on “New beam

  1. yahwehshealingheart March 10, 2021 / 19:30

    I admire your intelligence when it comes to structure. Myself I am the one that would be the interior designer after all the work you guys have done.

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    • moorelandhouse March 10, 2021 / 20:40

      Most of the time we are just putting it back the way it was. This is an added structural element because some of the rafters need a little help. It will be a few years before we are at the design stage. =)


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