We added a post

Of course, for those of you that follow this blog, you already know the things that are going to come out on YouTube. We hope that this video will answer some questions that couldn’t be answered in a few words with pictures. It feels good to get some of this stuff done so we can finally get the permanent roof on this ole gal.

2 thoughts on “We added a post

  1. carhartt986 March 28, 2021 / 10:01

    Great video AND so exciting to have a permanent fix in place. My husband even watched with me this morning! 😀

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    • moorelandhouse March 28, 2021 / 10:06

      We are getting very close to getting the 300 square foot flat roof put on. It is going to be something else to hear a big wind storm coming and not have to worry about the tarp not being on the roof in the morning. Tell your husband “hello” from us. =)


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