Shifting the wall

Now that we have lifted the rafters back to where they need to be, we tried to pull the wall in just a little bit. We made a little progress but it is very comfortable where it is. We will just have to rebuild the wall where it was but we will be able to make it plumb and solid again. At least we know it will not move anymore.

Cleared 2 more trees

Well, it was kind of an exciting morning at the Mooreland House. Evidently one of our followers wanted to be able to see the Mooreland House a little more clearly. He helped us out by clearing out 2 of the pine trees at the street. He had a few bumps and bruises but was okay and didn’t require any ambulance trips. Not sure what we will do with this area now. It is going to look a little strange with this new gap.

Leveling the small flat roof

Finally, we have a starting point and we were able to level the small flat roof all the way across. The area above the red arrows is the area we have been focusing on. The new reference point is the red arrow in the second picture. It is exciting to have this level. Hopefully now we can go back to the brick wall and make it right again. Things are going very well.

Knocking down a roof

In this week’s video we destroy a perfectly deteriorated roof. Once again we have a flat roof problem that has rotted out the wood underneath and caused a lot of damage. There is no way to salvage this part of the roof so we just took it down and took it apart on the ground. I guess the architect really loved flat roofs. We would love to have more followers so if you feel like it, share this post on your social media or share the video if you like it.

New post about new post

Okay, the new post holding up the north end of the small flat roof is in place. We now know how high the small flat roof is supposed to be and can get the rest of it to the correct height. We raised it about 3 inches. Once we get the small flat roof to the correct height all the way across to the valley rafter we can successfully finish the brick wall. The new post will either be replaced at some time in the future or covered with lumber that makes it look like it belongs there. =)

Extra blocking

Okay, this one is going to be a little hard to follow. The first two pictures are the area that we have to put up blocking so our new post will have something to hold up. All the lumber that used to be in this area rotted out. The third picture is a little further back with a picture of the jacks we have holding this area up. The last picture has a red circle. That circle is where the new blocking is now. This area is now tied together and we will be supporting it with the new post. If you notice… you can barely tell there is replaced lumber inside the red circle.

New beam

We had to put in a beam to support the north end of the small flat roof. We will now fix the end of the rafters and we will put a post from the beam to the rafters. We have to find out how high this small flat roof was before it all sagged and pushed out the brick wall. We know this is a little confusing but… we are doing it in a logical sequence. We don’t have the blueprints to know the dimensions so we have to figure them out ourselves. We are going to put the wall cladding back up and you will never know there is modern lumber behind there.

Minor setback…

Well, we found some more bricks that needed to come out. The bricks below the wooden plank that is used to attach the box gutters were all loose. We discovered that a 1×6 board had been installed on the exterior of the wall to nail the metal crown molding to and it had rotted out. Without the board there the bricks had nothing to hold them up and everything loosened up. No biggie… just a little more work.