Guess Where Frank Stopped

See if you can tell by the new pictures where Frank stopped tearing off slate and replacing it. (hint: follow the rivulets of tar that ran down the roof) Of course, this area will need to be replaced but, there are more pressing things to work on since this is not leaking at the moment. We had to take a little more slate off in order to finish up the valley flashing. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Corner is Done

This week’s video finishes up the corner we have been working on. There is a before/after video that shows how different it looks now. We think it looks better. At the end we celebrate the kittens first year with us. We put in the offer on the Mooreland House just over a year ago and are closing in on the one year anniversary of when we got her.

Spring Comes to the Castle

Even though it snowed on Tuesday night, spring is still here in Kentucky. Kerry, the groundskeeper, mowed the Mooreland House yard for the second time already. The before/after effect isn’t nearly as drastic when the lawn is cut frequently. This is part of the upkeep of the Mooreland House so we like to share the pictures with our extended Mooreland House family. =)

Slowly putting the slate back

We got another few rows of slate back on the roof. It goes pretty slow when you have to go under trim and make sure it is flashed correctly. This is to the point now that we have to start using the ladder to get higher up the roof. Standing on the box gutter just isn’t high enough anymore. Make sure you notice that there is a safety rope that Frank is tied into with a harness on. Safety first!