Back to the roof

After a day of fixing the tractor and getting a lawnmower running… we finally made it back to the roof. We really enjoy doing slate work. Kerry does the cutting inside the attic and hands the slates out the window. We might have mentioned this but, we are not going to use any tar. We are using our custom cut step flashings to make sure there are no leaks where the roof meets the wall. We also replaced the valley flashing. All of this slate came off of this part of the roof. It was the stuff used to make repairs in 1999 we think.

Day off!

We took the day off from working on the Mooreland House because we had to fix a flat roof on a rental house. Pro tip, you can’t use regular shingles on a low pitched roof and expect it to last very long. We had to replace a third of the sheathing. This one should be good for quite a while now.

Big hole in the roof

We had to fix the big hole in the roof before we could begin the putting slate back on. We cut out all the bad stuff and replaced it with some of our salvaged roof decking that we pulled from another area of the Mooreland House that won’t be seen. We had to break out the scaffolding again in order to get up there and fix it. Who knew this hole was going to be so big!

No more slates!

Well, no more slates to take off on this area of the roof. We have reached the end. They were all bad or different sizes. We found regular 10 inch wide slates, 11, 12, and even a couple 13 inch wide ones. Seams were matched up so there was no way that the water wasn’t going to leak in. Maybe John doesn’t want to be found because then we would know who put that slate on in 1999. Time to put it all back on.