Frank Destroys More of the Roof!

Wow! The roof of the Mooreland House is pretty bad in sections. Of course, the people that follow our blog know that this has already happened but it is now being presented to the YouTube world. One of these days we are going to find something that is in good shape… we are still waiting. We are 90 subscribers away from 2,000. If you guys share this video on your social media, we might just make it. Kerry would be thrilled!

New Video!

Surprise! We put out a new video. It must be Sunday morning. =) In this video Frank does a pretty good job of explaining what “box gutters” are. He also shows how a very damaging leak was very hidden and hard to find. YouTube promotes videos based on how many “likes” it gets and how many people comment on the video. Remember to share the video on all your social media sites so we can share the Mooreland House with more people.