Required maintenance

We are debating the next major project on the Mooreland House. In the meantime, we can focus for a while on the little stuff. Some of the little stuff is actually big stuff. Can you tell how big this poison ivy is from the pictures? Frank put his hand and size 12 shoe in the pictures so you can get an idea. It’s crazy how well the vines hide themselves. We cleared out this area around the Osage Orange trees last year.

4 thoughts on “Required maintenance

  1. carhartt986 June 8, 2021 / 19:15

    It makes me itchy just looking at it!

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  2. John June 8, 2021 / 22:28

    That is one of the few things I will use a herbicide on.

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    • moorelandhouse June 8, 2021 / 23:04

      We use shoulder length chemical resistant gloves and pull them up by the roots.


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