Daunting Task

Frank’s family had a reunion in Montana so we have been away for a few days. Today we spent some time with the Mooreland House to see if we could figure out what she wants us to tackle next. Alas, she was no help. On our own we decided to tackle one of the things we really were putting off. We are going to take down the front wall, fix it right and put it all back together. Seems simple but it is gonna take a while.

8 thoughts on “Daunting Task

  1. Carrie Myers June 22, 2021 / 21:21

    Oh my! I’m sure it will be fantastic when you are done, but what a job!!!

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    • moorelandhouse June 22, 2021 / 21:54

      We will be happy if it looks like it did 130 years ago. That’s all we are shooting for. =)


  2. Jacqueline Martin June 23, 2021 / 03:09

    I don’t know but for some reason my eyes zeroed in on that split between those stones going horizontally and thought to myself at least she I won’t be doing the splits anymore. I know call me where everybody else does but either way she’ll be beautiful

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  3. carhartt986 June 23, 2021 / 09:01

    Looking forward to some of Frank’s corny ‘stoned’ jokes! My prayers are with you. Moving stone is a daunting task; not that other jobs aren’t but that stuff is just so heavy.

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    • moorelandhouse June 23, 2021 / 09:06

      Yes, we are sure that Frank will be rock’n the “stoned” jokes. =)


  4. J. Staft June 23, 2021 / 09:34

    I’m wondering in the end if this new project will have been your most challenging task. You’ve accomplished so much in the year that you’ve had Mooreland House! She really requires a “Jack and Jill of all trades” given her desperate condition. But, oh the accomplishment !! I can’t wait to watch the videos.

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    • moorelandhouse June 23, 2021 / 09:40

      Yes, it will be very challenging. We have to take it all down and then mimic the way the original masons did the work in order to make it all fit back together again. It is a great big puzzle with very heavy pieces. =)


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