Part of the fun is always the cleanup. We had to get rid of all the mortar chunks that came out of the wall. We also needed to move the radiator in order to build the forms to pour concrete. The area of the floor that was rotted out is where the radiator was sitting. We have no idea how it never fell through. That thing is heavy!

Stone Repair

We repaired one of the stones instead of replacing it. We would have had to take down even more stone in order to get to this one. With epoxy and rebar through the center, it should last as long as the others. We will have to get some special materials to make the break disappear. It’s something that is readily available at mason supply places.

Two Stones!

Only 2 stones in this blog but they were a couple of duesies. The large stone that goes over the window opening is called a lintel. It is about 5 feet long, a foot high and about 9 inches thick. Our telehandler, Bertha, put that stone up to the window with no sweat. Kerry was the operator and she did a fantastic job of putting it exactly where it needed to go. We are not sure what to call the other stone. Frank has been calling it one of the window posts. Both of them are circled in the picture so you can tell which ones we are talking about. It was nice to be able to maneuver the big lintel into place and have it work out. It bodes well for the rest of the wall. =)

Fancy Hat!

Frank had to make room for the lintel stone to go back in. There is way too much brick and stone above this area to be hammering without a hard hat on. Doesn’t the hat shade look fancy? We bought a few of them at a bin store for 50 cents before we even had hard hats or knew anything about the Mooreland House. It must have been a premonition.

Lucky 11

Another 11 stones made it back into the wall of the Mooreland House! With the story tapes we made and the fact that we numbered the stones, it is going back together quite well. These stones have been relatively small. The next few are going to need the forklift. For scale, Frank is working on top of 10 feet of scaffolding.

Puzzling Progress

When we went back to look at the stones we had taken down from the dormer we found that the “permanent” marker had faded from the stones. We marked every stone so we could figure out where it came from and where it needed to go back. Before we tore down the entire stone front of the house we decided to put things in some kind of order to make sure we could get it back together if we took it down. Just one more step in the process of making the Mooreland House something to be proud of again.