Puzzling Progress

When we went back to look at the stones we had taken down from the dormer we found that the “permanent” marker had faded from the stones. We marked every stone so we could figure out where it came from and where it needed to go back. Before we tore down the entire stone front of the house we decided to put things in some kind of order to make sure we could get it back together if we took it down. Just one more step in the process of making the Mooreland House something to be proud of again.

2 thoughts on “Puzzling Progress

  1. carhartt986 July 18, 2021 / 14:44

    I’m you guys have looked at or talked about the many projects either already completed or needing completed. Do you think this ‘stone’ project is going to be the toughest or most complex?

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    • moorelandhouse July 18, 2021 / 14:47

      It was the “unknown” that we were worried about. As it is going back together (as you know since you follow the blog) it isn’t as bad as we thought.


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