12 thoughts on “Before/After

  1. Anne Young July 28, 2021 / 19:25

    It looks like you are making a lot of progress! Strength and beauty go hand in hand. Congratulations!🎉😊🏡

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    • moorelandhouse July 28, 2021 / 19:28

      We like the fact that it looks the same… minus the crack. It is a lot of work to redo something and make it look like you were never there. =)


  2. Shelley July 28, 2021 / 21:08

    I was excitedly waiting for that side by side picture. It looks wonderful. She is getting stronger everyday. Thank you all for your endeavors in restoring this beauty.

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    • moorelandhouse July 28, 2021 / 21:11

      We thought about waiting till we got more done but… we couldn’t wait. It already looked so much better.


  3. Elizabeth M Vanarsdall July 28, 2021 / 21:27

    Looks like new! Another wonderful accomplishment.

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