Precarious Stones

This week’s video is more of the deconstruction of the front stone fa├žade. We suspect the Mooreland House was just waiting for us to save her because there are quite a few places where she was ready to fall down. Once the weight was taken off the top of the stone wall it became very unstable. Funny how 6,000 pounds resting on a wall can make it more stable. If you like the video, share it with people on your social media or tell friends about it. Kerry works hard on these and it would be neat to get her some more subscribers.

New Joists

We had to replace 2 of the floor joists before we poured the concrete. The ends of the joists will be embedded in the concrete. It probably wasn’t necessary but as a precaution we treated the ends by scorching them and using an old wood treatment technic. Still not sure how the radiator was still on the second floor since it was resting where the hole is.