1.5 Tons!

Kerry was able to move 42 bags of concrete up to the second floor of the Mooreland House all by herself! She might have had a little help from Bertha though. All Frank had to do was distribute the load around the room so 3,300 pounds wasn’t sitting in the same place. This was the definitely the easiest way to get concrete into place.

On the Ledge!

We got the window ledge in for the second floor window of Minnie Ball’s bedroom. It was another big stone that required Kerry’s expertise in order to maneuver it into place with the forklift. Now that we have the stone built up to this level, we need to do another concrete pour. The stone facade will be one side of the form and the other side we will have to build. Frank is going to try to talk Kerry into moving all the 80 pound bags of concrete up to the second floor.