Odd Rock

It’s interesting what we find in the walls of the Mooreland House. The back of this stone looked a little different so we took a closer look. Turns out, this must have been a stone that was being shaped to make a column or something. The base and flutes are already there and it is on it’s side. The front of the stone is just like the others in the wall. We found a picture of a fluted pedestal that kind of resembles it if you have no idea what we are talking about. =)

Oops… Blowout!

Well, that didn’t go well. We were pouring the concrete into the column and it had a blowout. The pillars moved a fraction of an inch and there was nothing left supporting the stones we put in. Frank caught the small wall of stone before it collapsed but it all had to come back down. You can see in the pictures the gap between the stones and the pillars. All the concrete we just poured had to be removed as well. Guess we get to start over on this 4 foot section of the column. Practice makes perfect!