Drying the Floor

When we had the Mooreland House totally exposed, along came a big rain storm. It is amazing how much rain gets funneled from the roof, to the portico, and then onto the front window sill. We knew it might rain but we didn’t count on the huge amount of water coming out of the downspout pipe. The floor in this room was already mostly destroyed by water. We don’t think we added any destruction. Remember you can share the blog post or the video. It is exciting to be headed in the right direction for once.

Window Pillars

Well, hurricane Ida paid Kentucky a visit yesterday so we did things that didn’t involve the Mooreland House. She stayed fairly dry and the rain is gone now. The pillars that frame the windows are now back in place. It is much easier to keep them in position with the forms that we built in the windows. For perspective, the top of the pillars are about 27 feet above the ground.