2 thoughts on “Replacing Brick

  1. KEN HEIT October 21, 2021 / 19:14

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use the same methodology for the box gutters and crown molding with a few exceptions. I would treat the wood outriggers/ lookouts using the same shou sugi ban manner and oil as you have before. I would consider your idea of marine grade fiberglass in the gutter lining. Maybe consider zinc over galvanized metal. I have also seen mariseal liquid roofing system used in box gutters. No matter what you do, it will require some degree of maintenance over the years. The lack of which I believe is what led to the demise of the box gutters and brick and eventual limestone as well. You could also consider some type of rot resistant fypon which you can shape just like the wood outriggers. Not nearly the structural strength though. Whatever the case, I am sure you will pick something sympathetic to the historical nature of the house, and something that works as well. Best of luck!!

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    • moorelandhouse October 21, 2021 / 19:31

      Thanks for your knowledge! You are absolutely correct, anything we do to the box gutters is going to require maintenance. We have also decided to use wood for the lookouts (Frank has been using “rafter tails” because we didn’t know the terminology). We plan on using the same method to give them a little protection as before. It certainly sounds like you have some experience and your comments are always welcome!


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