Ugh, Rain.

We have come a long way on the Mooreland House. That doesn’t mean that whenever it rains, we don’t see how much farther we need to go. We no longer have any places that pour in but we do have a few pretty good leaks. The main culprit is the little flat roof. We still have some structure to repair before we can fix that area. We stopped a little early today because the house was dark and dreary. Back at it tomorrow.

32 Bags

We only had to use 32 Bags of concrete to fill out our forms. The pour went well. We are getting better at mixing and getting the concrete into the place it needs to be. We also went and formally introduced ourselves to some of the neighbors that occasionally wave at us when they see us on the roof.

Another Form to Fill

We have another void just waiting to be filled with concrete. This one should take about 40 more bags. We never realized how much the Mooreland House must weigh. Each wall is 18 inches thick and 30 feet tall. Then each wall has a dormer facade set on top. We still need to go up another 48 inches to get to the bottom of the 6,000 pound stone facade that goes above this area.