8 thoughts on “Ready for Tie Blocks

  1. Carrie Myers November 22, 2021 / 18:41

    I’m amazed at how quickly you are putting this jigsaw back together again! Good job!!!

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  2. Douglas Lee November 22, 2021 / 19:00

    Beautiful. When I look at your videos from a year ago with the wet rotted interior to this significant wall rebuild its impressive.

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    • moorelandhouse November 22, 2021 / 19:45

      Yes, when we see our old videos it certainly has changed.


  3. KEN HEIT November 23, 2021 / 09:39

    This is the first we have seen the dormer without the Lowes wrap. What would you say has been the most challenging part of this rebuild, and why?

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    • moorelandhouse November 23, 2021 / 09:47

      Surprisingly, this project has gone pretty smoothly. We had a year to plan on how it was going to go back together. One of the more challenging things is trying to match the mortar joints in the brick behind the stone. It takes a little bit of thought to get the bricks to line up with the stone in order to have a flat plane to continue up.


  4. Margaret November 23, 2021 / 11:31

    You two have worked your butts off to get this far! It’s so satisfying to watch everything come back together. Are the other parts of the limestone facade stable? I know some has fallen off the tower.

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    • moorelandhouse November 23, 2021 / 11:56

      We are hopeful that the rest of the limestone is ok. We will find out more when we redo the box gutters. It all depends on how good the brick is underneath the crown molding.


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