4 thoughts on “Arch Form

  1. Anne Young November 23, 2021 / 19:04

    Everyday I become more and more impressed with the number of skills you have mastered in such a short time! I hope that you can enjoy Thanksgiving without having hot lime mortar on your mind! Blessings and joy to both of you during the upcoming holiday season.🎉🍁🏡

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    • moorelandhouse November 23, 2021 / 19:06

      Thanks! We don’t intend to work on Thanksgiving. We never go very long without thinking about hot lime mortar though. =)


  2. Gordon November 24, 2021 / 05:45

    I had to go back and find a before image from the very beginning just WOW what an amazing amount of progress. Enjoy the Holiday!

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    • moorelandhouse November 24, 2021 / 06:47

      As we are putting it back together we are seeing how much water erosion had been going on behind the wall. The dormer facade looked pretty solid but it was allowing a lot of water into the stones.


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