18 thoughts on “It Worked!

  1. Carrie Myers November 24, 2021 / 18:02

    Awesome! I know you are relieved!!! Congratulations!

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    • moorelandhouse November 24, 2021 / 18:04

      Now we are looking at all the other dormers and thinking… we could easily rebuild that. =)


  2. Diana November 24, 2021 / 18:19

    that’s great. looks good

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  3. KEN HEIT November 24, 2021 / 18:19

    Excellent work!! Notre Dame Cathedral is next. I hope the arch shows up in the next video.
    It must have been tricky.

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    • moorelandhouse November 24, 2021 / 18:22

      We still have a few videos to catch up. Sunday’s video should be when we blew out the column with concrete and at least one of the huge lintels. Kerry hasn’t put it together yet.


  4. denisealmazar November 24, 2021 / 18:20

    Beautiful! You did good! 🙂

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    • moorelandhouse November 24, 2021 / 18:23

      Thanks! It is just another thing we have now learned how to do.


  5. Ellen+DeRose November 24, 2021 / 19:17

    Looks fantastic!!

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  6. Elizabeth M Vanarsdall November 24, 2021 / 19:42


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  7. Margaret November 24, 2021 / 21:28

    I was rewatching some of your older videos, specifically the planning of the deconstruction and it really struck me just how close Mooreland House was to collapsing! If the rotten roof beams had fallen in, that whole front facade would have followed. It’s a miracle she wasn’t condemned and a miracle that the two of you came along to save her. Thanks as always for sharing!

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    • moorelandhouse November 24, 2021 / 21:32

      Yes, we think we got her at just the last moment. There were a lot of nights that we went back to our house not knowing if the Mooreland House would still be standing the next morning. We still have temporary walls and some posts up in a few places holding the roof. It has been an interesting journey.


  8. Brenda Sherrow November 24, 2021 / 23:01

    You are doing a great job. I love watching you

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