Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone! Kerry has put together a video this week that shows some of the difficulty we are encountering while we put the galvanized crown molding back on the Mooreland House. We really liked the finished look it gave to the top of the limestone wall. Hopefully something in this video will make you smile today and you will pass on those good feelings to someone else.

Too Cold!

We have been struggling to get anything done on the Mooreland House. Frank had to do an extended trip for work and Kerry caught the covids for her second time. We have said many times that we do this for fun and right now the Mooreland House is very cold. Since we decided not to work today, we went shopping. We found a small dresser that has the pin and cope drawers and a marble top of the Mooreland House era. The hardware will need repaced. We also got a coal grate and a brass screen for a fireplace. The picture is for the music room. This made us long for the day when we get to do the pretty stuff.

Like a Ton of Bricks!

We are catching up on the videos. Mainly because it has been too cold to work on the Mooreland House. It doesn’t look like it is going to get any better this week. We have a few more videos to go until we finish the dormer facade and then it will be on to another project. We haven’t determined what that project is yet. Until then, we might just start taking down ceilings since they are coming down by themselves anyway.

Wall is Stronger!

Back up a couple months to another concrete pour. This is the last big pour we did before starting the brick work. Kerry did a great job making it interesting. We decided the most important thing our viewers could do is share the video on your social platforms. Subscriptions and likes are nice but getting the video out in front of new people is what we think is best. We certainly enjoy you all sticking with us through this process.

She’s Upset

We think that the Mooreland House is a little upset with us. We haven’t been spending near enough time on her because we had family in town. She let us know how disappointed she was by throwing a big chunk of drywall and plaster on the floor. This is also a reminder of why we can’t let a lot of people wander around inside. She could have really hurt someone. Don’t worry, we are going to get back on track and start making her happy again.

Vinyl Windows!

Don’t be alarmed! This is the video of us making the temporary windows for the Mooreland House. We also have a recap of the wall and a go at lime wash. We were lucky enough to have the kids home for Christmas so we recorded the family singing some songs. We thought “We’ll work till Jesus comes” was appropriate. =) Enjoy the video and we will be back to updating the blog this week. Kids are gone.