Project Option: 4

This area of the Mooreland House is beyond repair. We have just been letting it deteriorate but we think it might be time to clean it up. If this area falls in, there is really no damage to the rest of the house. The roof is held up by the brick walls surrounding this area. The fix in this area would be to remove all the rotten wood and close this area of the house off. This would be nasty, dirty work but it all needs done. This area needs all new floor joists and walls.

Project Option: 1

We mentioned that we were looking at the next project the other day. It was really hard to explain what we had in mind for each option in a picture. We decided to put out a short video of each option so you could see what is in store for us. Who knows, we might even find something else more pressing before we start on any of them.

Decisions, Decisions

Now that we completed the wall project, we have to move on to something else. There are many things that need done. We have narrowed our next big project down to four things. The other front dormer, the side dormer, the kitchen porch or the powder room in the back hallway. All four of these areas are in the process of falling down. We pray that we choose the right one. =)

It Works!

We thought about how to get these large stones at the required 45 degree angle for the reinstallation for over a year. We finally got to try it out and it works like a champ! The stone weighed in at 477 pounds. Now that the concept is proven, we will be able to get them back in place. We got the bed ready to set them in. Now it’s as easy as lifting them up 50 feet or so and setting them down.