It Works!

We thought about how to get these large stones at the required 45 degree angle for the reinstallation for over a year. We finally got to try it out and it works like a champ! The stone weighed in at 477 pounds. Now that the concept is proven, we will be able to get them back in place. We got the bed ready to set them in. Now it’s as easy as lifting them up 50 feet or so and setting them down.

4 thoughts on “It Works!

  1. Margaret March 21, 2022 / 20:50

    You guys are brave! Great work.

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  2. mislewis March 22, 2022 / 18:03

    That’s so exciting!!! I passed by Miss Moreland this morning taking my daughter to an appointment and saw that you guys were working and I told my daughter “yay there’re working on the house!!!” She says that the “curtains” look really pretty lol.


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