Back Side

We finally got the scaffolding down and cleaned up a bit around the back side of the dormer. It gives you a good idea of how much brick work we had to do on the wall. For perspective, it’s about 15 feet from floor to the peak. It looks almost like it did when it was built in 1891.

16 thoughts on “Back Side

  1. Carrie+Myers April 6, 2022 / 18:10

    Stone masons extraordinaire!

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    • moorelandhouse April 6, 2022 / 18:27

      Being able to see the whole thing at one time sure makes a difference.


  2. Elizabeth M Vanarsdall April 6, 2022 / 20:15

    It looks so good!!! A terrific accomplishment!

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  3. Douglas Lee April 6, 2022 / 21:04

    Beautiful. Almost reminds me of a Pink Floyd song.

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    • moorelandhouse April 6, 2022 / 21:07

      Yes, all the bricks are unique but each one is just another brick in the wall.


  4. Cindy Kem April 6, 2022 / 21:58

    I love how DRY everything looks! You guys are doing amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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    • moorelandhouse April 7, 2022 / 06:38

      Thanks! We are still struggling with a few areas. We keep reminding ourselves that the poor ole lady has been leaking for years and Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  5. Margaret April 6, 2022 / 22:28

    The attic will be a wonderful place when complete. It’s a space that offers so many possibilities. I think you mentioned that the original owners used it as a billiard room? The brick work and the beams and trusses, lovely.

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    • moorelandhouse April 7, 2022 / 06:39

      Yes, this is one of our favorite areas of the Mooreland House. The expanse is amazing.


  6. Roger April 7, 2022 / 11:11

    Beautiful. I see daylight at the peak. Won’t it leak?

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    • moorelandhouse April 7, 2022 / 11:17

      Good eyes. We haven’t put the flashing on yet. We have to redo the slate on the dormer before we can finish up the flashing though. For the Mooreland House, this leak is infinitesimal. =)


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