Weighty Issue

We are closing in on the top of the dormer facade in our video series. This is very close to the last video that was made before winter struck. Once the temperature started getting below freezing overnight we shut down the operation and waited till Spring. Hopefully no one gets motion sickness from Frank’s first person perspective with the GoPro camera.

2 thoughts on “Weighty Issue

  1. Anne Young April 10, 2022 / 16:19

    When you are done Miss Mooreland will be magnificent! It’s hard to imagine how the original builders were able to carve and place these heavy stones without today’s equipment. By sharing your detailed labor, you are giving me a greater appreciation of the talent and strength of builders in past centuries. Thanks!!😊🏡👏🏻

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    • moorelandhouse April 10, 2022 / 16:54

      Yes, we appreciate the skills they must have had. Just think, this house has stood for over 130 years even with all the neglect. They did a wonderful job.


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