Pretty Portico

We were tired of looking at the cluttered front portico. We had extra slate and lumber stored there. Not anymore! We moved all the construction stuff to other places. We also got a better looking temporary light fixture. There is no electricity but it still looks good. Kerry assembled some patio furniture as well.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Portico

  1. Tracey A Crager April 12, 2022 / 18:43

    It looks so nice. The new light fixture is beautiful. We put one similar to that on our porch at pullum-Curry house.

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    • moorelandhouse April 12, 2022 / 18:47

      We will probably get that style when we get the real fixture.


  2. Diana April 12, 2022 / 19:21

    That is gorgeous looks great n so big

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  3. Margie McKinzie April 14, 2022 / 16:33

    The other fixture looked like an interior fixture. Will you be able to reuse it somewhere inside?

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    • moorelandhouse April 14, 2022 / 18:04

      Yes, we were told that it was an interior fixture. It is an antique so we will see if it fits any of the rooms once we get around to the decorations.


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