8 thoughts on “Carved Stone

  1. Anne Young May 1, 2022 / 15:01

    Your equipment and skills have grown so much over the past year. It will be fascinating to see how you put them to good use this season!

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    • moorelandhouse May 1, 2022 / 15:04

      Yes, we should be able to do the other two dormers with our eyes closed… =)


  2. Elizabeth M Vanarsdall May 1, 2022 / 20:40

    WOW,WOW !!!!!

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  3. Karen Moore May 2, 2022 / 13:58

    You two are doing a great job! I love watching your videos.

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  4. Margaret May 2, 2022 / 21:15

    What a lovely piece of stone that is. Our modern efficient world has really lost something. It really is worthwhile to preserve. Hopefully you’re so experienced now that the next two dormers will be fixed in no time!😀

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