It Reached!

The boom jib extension for the 54 foot forklift just barely reached the pedestal at the top of the dormer. It made it though. We had to remove the scaffolding walkboards in order to get the pedestal down. We have to be a little more precise on where we place the forklift. We have the height but we can’t quite get far enough to raise the stones straight up. Kerry does a great job of driving Bertha so it was no problem.

4 thoughts on “It Reached!

  1. Diana July 15, 2022 / 22:08

    Glad it worked n helps. You both rock! Pardon the pun. Have a great weekend.

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    • moorelandhouse July 15, 2022 / 22:14

      Puns are fun! It’s a lot more work but it will get it done.


  2. Roger July 16, 2022 / 04:36

    You said you bought a jib & that was no fib. The dormer you couldn’t reach but now it’s life at the beach!

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