Gordon Was Right

Gordon made a comment on our most recent video about revisiting some of our other roof temporary fixes. We did plan on checking them but not this week. Ms Mooreland had other plans. This first heavy rain proved that our fix was no longer valid. We had to stretch a tarp inside the attic to catch all the water. We have another more permanent temporary roof on the back of the Mooreland House now.

8 thoughts on “Gordon Was Right

  1. Carrie+Myers July 27, 2022 / 19:06

    Funny how Miss Mooreland always lets you know what she needs. The best laid plans….

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    • moorelandhouse July 27, 2022 / 20:13

      Yes, we were talking about that on the way to the Mooreland House yesterday. She definitely let us know she needed a new hat.


  2. Margaret July 27, 2022 / 21:16

    It’s interesting that almost all the bad things that happened to Ms. Moorland can be traced to the rooves and eaves troughs! Home owners take note!

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  3. Gordon Ulrickson August 7, 2022 / 17:45

    My Dad was a carpenter for many years and always said the most important part of a building was a tight roof because even small leaks cause huge amounts of damage. Sorry I was right by the way.

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    • moorelandhouse August 7, 2022 / 20:23

      Absolutely! We knew you were right when you said it. It’s called “denial”.


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