Deleting Some Gutters

We start the slow process of landscaping and trying to shed water away from the Mooreland House. Our first attempt is to make the water coming off the roof go over the gutters so it doesn’t have a chance to run down into the walls. This was a time consuming process and we have come up with better solutions since this video was shot. We didn’t do much talking in this video so we hope you are able to follow along with what we are doing.

4 thoughts on “Deleting Some Gutters

  1. Margaret November 27, 2022 / 09:04

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Your family looks lovely and Kitten is such a sweet girl! I love that you’re using recycled old wood on the old house!

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    • moorelandhouse November 27, 2022 / 13:37

      The price on this wood was certainly nice. They gave it to us for picking it up. =)


  2. carhartt986 November 27, 2022 / 09:49

    Lovely family! Do the girls share your love of old homes? Also, I’m curious why (when the house was built) they had this small recessed space on the side of the house and didn’t just build the outer wall straight across? Who knows the reasoning but I didn’t know if there’s access to something in that area we perhaps can’t see.

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    • moorelandhouse November 27, 2022 / 13:44

      We just asked the girls that very question this week. They grew up in our old Victorian era home built around 1905. They said that they love old houses. We have quit trying to figure out why designers and architects make things so complicated. =) Frank would just build a rectangle house with a gable roof if he designed one.


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