6 thoughts on “Frank’s Away

  1. carhartt986 December 18, 2022 / 09:13

    I was just showing my 87 year old Mother the fireplace/mantel area in the foyer last week (and that gorgeous staircase). Miss Mooreland is the only home I’ve ever seen that has a fireplace in this area. We were raised in old homes so I knew my Mother would appreciate your pictures…and she did.

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    • moorelandhouse December 18, 2022 / 09:17

      We love the look of the entry way. Even though the mantle isn’t antique, it seems to fit the house.


  2. Cindy Kem December 18, 2022 / 09:19

    I love how you guys share this house. I feel like I know my way around it and I’ve never been there. Please keep sharing! Merry Christmas!

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    • moorelandhouse December 18, 2022 / 09:21

      Sometimes we forget when we are walking around filming that most people have no idea where we are in the Mooreland House. We want everyone to know the house as well as we do. Merry Christmas to you as well.


  3. Margaret December 18, 2022 / 11:48

    Why is watching someone else clean and organise so satisfying? The house is slowly revealing her beauty again. The mantle looks perfect.

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    • moorelandhouse December 18, 2022 / 13:42

      Frank agrees with you. =) It was very satisfying watching Kerry work. We really love the mantle. It almost looks like it belongs there.


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