Deleting Some Gutters

We start the slow process of landscaping and trying to shed water away from the Mooreland House. Our first attempt is to make the water coming off the roof go over the gutters so it doesn’t have a chance to run down into the walls. This was a time consuming process and we have come up with better solutions since this video was shot. We didn’t do much talking in this video so we hope you are able to follow along with what we are doing.

Complicated Demolition

We continue with the videos of the Powder Room demolition. Since we plan on reusing any material that we can, we have to be careful about how we take it down. We plan on repairing window frames with the solid heart pine studs that we pulled out of the walls. We also will be able to reuse all of the tongue and groove wall paneling. Having no floor just adds a little bit of excitement as well.

Much Needed Context

Our video is named “Oops” today because we accidently uploaded out of order. If anyone was having trouble figuring out why we just started taking down a door last week… well, that was supposed to be explained. The video this week should provide the context of why the whole wall needed to come down. Remember as you watch, this is the worst area of the Mooreland House. This is only about 400 square feet of a 10,500 square foot mansion. It seems catastrophic but it is really a pretty small area. We will replace it and no one will be able to tell what went on here.