Option 1 – Done!

Okay, we finally made it through all the dormer videos. Thanks to everyone that was able to stay interested through it. We can now move on to other things. Having the dormer stones on the ground has really taken some of our stress off. We no longer have to be concerned with the destruction that would have ensued if one of these huge stone walls would have collapsed. Thanks for watching and thanks for staying with us through it all.

Broken In Two

This week’s video continues the takedown of the front dormer facade. We had a mishap on this one. As we were transporting one of the huge stones with the tractor, it slipped. Frank didn’t have it attached very well to the tractor bucket and down it went. It only fell about two feet but that was all it took. We will figure out how to put it back together or will make a new stone. Just one of the things that can and will happen over time.

Gutter Bypass Surgery

We are trying to mitigate the amount of water that is getting into the basement of the Mooreland House. We cleaned up a lot of the lath and plaster that was covering the floor and saw how much water was getting in. A lot of the water was coming through the brick and stones. The so called gutters are nothing but a funnel to get all the water into the cornice moldings and force it into the brick. We took the gutters out of the system and now the water will no longer be funneled into the basement. It’s only a small area and we will see how well it works before we go on to do more of the same.