About Mooreland

Click here for a PDF version of the history. The PDF is interactive, so you can copy text and click on the links directly. Below are images of the pdf.

Other Links of Interest (Some of these are included in the history information above):

Listing of Mooreland House in 2013 on “Old House Dreams” This listing has pictures of Mooreland House before left to the elements.

Listing of Mooreland House in 2020 on “Old House Dreams” This listing has pictures of Mooreland House after left to the elements.

Article about Mooreland House going up to Auction in 2020 This link to “Bluegrass Team” contains pictures of Mooreland House when it went to Auction. This is the state that the house was in when Frank and Kerry purchased it.

Mooreland House has new owners in May 2020 This is an article in Historical Homes of America talking about Mooreland House’s new owners and has pictures of the house when it was in good shape and of the house when Frank and Kerry purchased it. Some are repeats from previous sites.

Mooreland House in 2007 Rich McGervey–who has no connection to Mooreland House–was traveling through Kentucky in 2007 and stopped at Mooreland House to take pictures. This is a link to his portfolio on his Instagram page.

Mooreland House Historic Preservation Survey These are black and white photos with short explanation of what part of the house is pictured. This is documentation made by the Kentucky Heritage Council in 1986 for the National Register of Historic Places.

Mooreland House Historic Inventory This includes most of the information from the Kentucky Heritage Council survey, but also contains brief history and a floor plan of the first floor. Unfortunately, the document’s date stamp is not clear.

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