Happy Easter

Good morning everyone! Even though this work was done with the leaves all off the trees and it was cold, we are now into Spring! Things are starting to grow again and we have a litany of things that need to get done around the Mooreland House. In this week’s video Frank struggles with the stones having just the right fit. We get it eventually and it looks good. Our videos are starting to reach more people because of all of you sharing our journey with others. Thank you so much!

Patching Holes

The slate on the kitchen porch roof is in pretty bad shape. We are covering the holes for now but we will probably have to take all the slate off when we do the permanent structural repair to the porch. The magnolia trees have shaded this area and it was never allowed to dry. It’s much better than it was. Quite a bit more to do.

Simple Fix

After very extensive inspection and weighing all the options, we came up with a simple fix. In order to keep the Kitchen Porch from falling down we only needed support in 2 key areas. Because the Mooreland House was built out of very dense lumber, she has been able to survive a lot of abuse. She still needs a facelift and patches on the roof but option 3 was easier than we thought.

Pretty Portico

We were tired of looking at the cluttered front portico. We had extra slate and lumber stored there. Not anymore! We moved all the construction stuff to other places. We also got a better looking temporary light fixture. There is no electricity but it still looks good. Kerry assembled some patio furniture as well.