Smoking area

We bought some smoke bombs to find out if the fireplaces were able to draft. We didn’t try them all yet but some allowed smoke to go up the chimney and some didn’t. This one in the music room was definitely a “didn’t”. We are trying to figure out ways to get a little warmth into the Mooreland House without burning a tank of propane in two days and running the generator. Maybe we will have warm weather before we figure it out. =)

News articles

Ever since we purchased the Mooreland House back in May we have been seeing different things involving the house throughout recent history. One of the pictures that kept coming up was of the front of the house with awnings and the American flag. Another was a postcard picture with striped awnings on the front. We were finally able to procure both the book and the magazine that the pictures came from. We thought we would share.

Beautiful doors

While we were being interviewed by Fox 56 the other day we were showing him the front doors. Frank had never noticed the winged lion carved into the bottom of the doors. Since we have been going in and out of the Mooreland House for 9 months or so and hadn’t really seen these details… we figured no one else had seen them either. So, here are some cool pictures of the front doors. The leaded glass needs to be repaired in one of the doors.

We’re gonna be famous!

One of our local news stations decided to do a segment on the Mooreland House. Fox 56 out of Lexington, KY has a recurring weekly segment called “Spirit of the Bluegrass”. It runs about 3 minutes and they air it every Wednesday night. They are feel good stories about things happening around the community. Funny that even though Kerry and I are on video every day we still had trouble talking to a “real” camera. If anyone is interested, we will link to the YouTube video once it airs. They said it would be in about 3 weeks or so.

Surprise! More bad joists

One of the attic storage rooms is just above the second floor bathroom. The floor has sagged a few inches in the corner because the ends of the joists are rotten. Termites have once again worked their destruction. We are salvaging the tongue and groove flooring in here to use on the floor in the main part of the attic. This isn’t a surprise… we knew this was in horrific shape when we first saw the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom

Since we are trying to get some of the little stuff done while we are waiting for warmer weather, we decided to clean up the only full bathroom in the Mooreland House. The plaster and brick in there was about 6 inches thick in places. The “after” pictures were taken after we had started working on the room above and dropped more stuff on the floor. It looked great for a few minutes…