Mooreland House

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Mooreland House

at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Mooreland House was established in 1891 as Col. Daniel Lawson Moore built the house for his new wife Minnie Ball Moore. 

This page is dedicated to the rescue of the Mooreland House. It was purchased while in total disrepair, and we will update as we make much needed improvements.


More Beam Discovery!

In today’s video we explore what is under the crown molding trim in the second floor hallway. We know that the beam needs some work but we can’t see it until we pull the trim. What we find is a little disturbing. We don’t know how they missed this.

Supporting The Landing

The back stairs have been a source of concern for a while. We use them quite often and they are the only access to the attic floor. We couldn’t tell for sure but it felt like they were getting worse. Today’s video is about us putting up some temporary posts in order to ward off…

Can You Identify Her?

We had a small group of people try to get into the Mooreland House tonight. We caught them on the security camera and got a pretty good picture of one. We were hoping some of the local people might be able to check to see if they can identify her. They saw the camera and…

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