Mooreland House

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Mooreland House

at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Mooreland House was established in 1891 as Col. Daniel Lawson Moore built the house for his new wife Minnie Ball Moore. 

This page is dedicated to the rescue of the Mooreland House. It was purchased while in total disrepair, and we will update as we make much needed improvements.


New Beam!

We get the new beam installed in the video this week. We explain why we went with the laminated LVL beam. We felt really good about getting this area of the Mooreland House supported a lot better.

No More Beam!

We finally have the Mooreland House supported enough to pull out the rotted beam that used to hold up the roof. It has been a long process but it worked out. All that is left now is to put everything back like it was originally.


We have to support every joist that holds up this part of the attic floor. Once we do it we will be able to remove the bricks and old beam and put a new support beam in. Sure is a lot of work to replace four 2x8s.

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