Mooreland House

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Mooreland House

at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Mooreland House was established in 1891 as Col. Daniel Lawson Moore built the house for his new wife Minnie Ball Moore. 

This page is dedicated to the rescue of the Mooreland House. It was purchased while in total disrepair, and we will update as we make much needed improvements.


Deleting Some Gutters

We start the slow process of landscaping and trying to shed water away from the Mooreland House. Our first attempt is to make the water coming off the roof go over the gutters so it doesn’t have a chance to run down into the walls. This was a time consuming process and we have come…

We Got Rained On

In this week’s video we continue cleaning up parts of the basement but are called away to a little more pressing item. The temporary roof material that is warrantied to be exposed for 30 days gave up after only 12 months. It’s failure made a mess. Nothing like working below ground one day and 50…

Basement Cleaning

After the party there is always cleanup. We tackle the cleanup of the basement in this video. Too bad we didn’t have a garden to put all the mulch in that used to be floor joists and flooring. =) The basement sure does look a lot better!

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