Mooreland House

Landmark & Historical Place

Mooreland House

at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Mooreland House was established in 1891 as Col. Daniel Lawson Moore built the house for his new wife Minnie Ball Moore. 

This page is dedicated to the rescue of the Mooreland House. It was purchased while in total disrepair, and we will update as we make much needed improvements.


Buttoned Up

We put a tarp over the stone work. Frank needs to take a few days off and go to work. We will be back at it before you know it.

Outer Arch

We got the outer arch and some more of the dormer stones up. We now have some more brick work to do.

Concrete Blowout

This week’s video takes us back to the frustrating day we had the blowout as we poured the concrete into the column. We look a little frustrated as it happens but we were able to fix it and get back to where we started. It is amazing how much faster things go together once you…

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