Mooreland House

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Mooreland House

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A Distinct Identity

Mooreland House was established in 1891 as Col. Daniel Lawson Moore built the house for his new wife Minnie Ball Moore. 

This page is dedicated to the rescue of the Mooreland House. It was purchased while in total disrepair, and we will update as we make much needed improvements.


Storm Damage

In this week’s video we show what we had to do after a big windstorm came through in March. There are still quite a few houses in our area of Kentucky that haven’t had the roofs repaired yet. We had slate, window and tree damage. Most of it has been fixed now. Welcome to theā€¦

Three Years!

It has been three years since we started on the Mooreland House. Kerry put together a twenty minute video of all the projects we did in this third year. We had a good time going back through all the memories. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Electric Stair Chair

In today’s video we tear down an updated room up in the attic and take apart the stair lift in the back stairwell. We explain a little bit about why we are doing what we are doing on the Mooreland House as well. Thanks for watching and following us on this journey.

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