Can You Identify Her?

We had a small group of people try to get into the Mooreland House tonight. We caught them on the security camera and got a pretty good picture of one. We were hoping some of the local people might be able to check to see if they can identify her. They saw the camera and sprinted off before we could call any law enforcement. Trespassing would be very dangerous because it is very dark and cold in there and there are entire floors missing! Thanks for looking.

Water Dilemma

We have successfully stopped 99 percent of the water coming into the Mooreland House. The water has been coming into the front dormer area of the house for over 80 years. We have a picture near the end of the video that was taken in the 1940s that showed water damage back then. We feel really good about the progress because we finally feel like we are getting ahead of the decay. Thanks for the encouragement as we continue on this journey.