Vine distraction

As we were sitting eating lunch on the front portico we noticed the vines were starting to regrow around three of the Osage Orange trees in the front of the Mooreland House. We figured we better tackle them before they got any worse. It is also kind of satisfying to do some weed removal. This time we pulled them out by the roots so they won’t be back for a while.

Roof surprise

We decided to go ahead and patch some holes in the slate roof on one of the dormers. It was the next biggest leak and that is the order we have been tackling them. The three red circles on the first picture are where the holes appeared to be. The second picture is how much slate we had to take off before we found some good slates. If you look close, you will see they are all gone. It isn’t supposed to rain tomorrow so we will be able to get some synthetic felt on before it does.

We added a post

Of course, for those of you that follow this blog, you already know the things that are going to come out on YouTube. We hope that this video will answer some questions that couldn’t be answered in a few words with pictures. It feels good to get some of this stuff done so we can finally get the permanent roof on this ole gal.

Dismantling the smallest flat roof

We removed the temporary deck and the box gutter from around the smallest flat roof area. We can now get in there and replace the roof decking and put some kind of roof back on. We put some captions on some of the pictures to explain what you are seeing. Hope it helps. =)

Smallest flat roof

It is now time to move outside and tackle the little trapazoid shaped flat roof that was put in temporarily a few months back. Since we now have a fixed brick corner we know what to do here to make it permanent. We pulled back the synthetic felt and began the deconstruction. This whole area will have to come apart in order to fix it the way it should be.