Pretty Porticos

Finally, something other than a roofing video! A lot of people have asked for a little more in depth tour of the porticos on the Mooreland House. Kerry has fulfilled that request. Today’s video has no construction or destruction. It is merely a video of how much design was put into the building of this beautiful mansion. Col. Moore truly loved his Minnie Ball.

Story Poles

Before we begin the wall teardown we have to make sure we know where everything goes. We will have to put it all back together! Frank is using drywall tape to mark where each stone is. There should be no surprises. Does anyone believe that? =) We saw this method of making and using story poles on the internet. What could go wrong?

Back to Work

After a couple days of diversion, we are back at it. Our Main Street rental house had a sewer line break so we had to dig it up and fix it. Meanwhile we have started dismantling the front wall of the Mooreland House. We are keeping track of where everything goes so we can hopefully get it all back together.

Daunting Task

Frank’s family had a reunion in Montana so we have been away for a few days. Today we spent some time with the Mooreland House to see if we could figure out what she wants us to tackle next. Alas, she was no help. On our own we decided to tackle one of the things we really were putting off. We are going to take down the front wall, fix it right and put it all back together. Seems simple but it is gonna take a while.

Leak Proof!

As all of you who follow this blog know, we capped the roof of the Mooreland House off finally. We now have video evidence to prove it. It’s been a little quiet around the Mooreland House and on the blog because Frank’s family had a reunion in Montana and there was no internet access at the camp. We are back at it this week and hopefully will make great progress.

Required maintenance

We are debating the next major project on the Mooreland House. In the meantime, we can focus for a while on the little stuff. Some of the little stuff is actually big stuff. Can you tell how big this poison ivy is from the pictures? Frank put his hand and size 12 shoe in the pictures so you can get an idea. It’s crazy how well the vines hide themselves. We cleared out this area around the Osage Orange trees last year.